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Man who robbed Bay Area cannabis delivery truck gets 42 months; Judge criticizes prosecutors but acknowledges ‘brazen’ crime

SAN FRANCISCO — A Bay Area man who admitted to participating in the 2018 robbery of a cannabis delivery truck was sentenced to three years and six months in federal prison Tuesday, by a judge who acknowledged “all of the good work” the defendant has done to better himself since his arrest. Lamar Johnson, 31, has already spent roughly 16 months in Santa Rita Jail awaiting resolution in his case. He was indicted on federal charges in March 2019, five months after he and two others approached a cannabis delivery truck in San Francisco — after trailing it through the East Bay — and made off with nearly $29,000 in cash. “This was a brazen, big time robbery,” U.S. District Judge William Alsup said Tuesday. But he also praised Johnson for being willing to “risk his own life” as a module worker at...

Richmond marijuana company owner doused in Pine Sol and sugar as coup de grâce to home invasion robbery

In the early morning of April 4, the owner of a Richmond marijuana concentrate company walked into his Concord home after spending the night in San Francisco, he almost instantly felt the muzzle of a gun press against the back of his head. “Get on the ground,” an armed robber told him. He did as he was told, and crawled on his hands and knees into the kitchen. A few seconds, a woman he was with, Brittney La Pierre, walked into the home and was greeted with the same treatment. Over the next few minutes, two robbers would threaten the man with a gun, hog tie him with wires from a television, and — in a move that has baffled chemistry experts — doused him with a mixture of Pine Sol and sugar. They searched the home for valuables, and made off with nearly $50,000 in cash and jewelry, along wit...

Suspect charged in armed robbery of Denver marijuana dispensary — may be connected to 5 others

Published: Feb 5, 2020, 4:12 pm • Updated: Feb 5, 2020, 4:15 pm By Tiney Ricciardi Denver prosecutors have charged a suspect in the armed robbery of a marijuana dispensary last month that law enforcement officials believe is connected to five similar hold-ups in late 2019. Courtesy Denver District Attorney’s OfficeSabastian Littlejohn Sabastian Tremayne Littlejohn, 25, was arrested on charges stemming from a robbery at Lightshade dispensary at 330 S. Dayton St. on Jan. 8. Read the rest of this story on

Denver dispensary burglaries hit a 3-year high in 2019

Police are investigating a string of armed robberies of metro-area dispensaries in December as the number of break-ins at Denver marijuana businesses hit a three-year high in 2019. Dispensaries in the city reported five robberies and 122 burglaries last year, according to the Denver Police Department. Both offenses increased slightly from 2018, when Denver marijuana businesses reported one robbery and 120 burglaries. Overall, crimes related to the marijuana industry accounted for 0.30% of Denver’s total offenses reported in 2018, the latest year data was available, according to the police department. Read the rest of this story on

Armed robbers wearing masks hit multiple marijuana businesses in Denver metro area

Denver police investigators believe the same armed and masked robbers have struck at multiple marijuana businesses in the metro area since early November. The robbers have brandished multiple weapons in five robberies, the first on Nov. 4 and the most recent on Dec. 11, according to police. All the robberies have happened at night and all four robbers have worn hooded jackets. Police believe a silver 2009 Chevrolet Equinox SUV has been used in the robberies. #Denver, can you help investigators solve these robbery cases? If you have any info, you could earn a cash reward! Just call @CrimeStoppersCO at 720-913-7867. Read the rest of this story on