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Stoned Hangman

Adobe Flash Player must be turned on to Play:


Here’s how Stoned Hangman works: FIRST and most IMPORTANT, leave your cursor on the active screen. Or better yet, leave your cursor somewhere in the game screen.
When it’s your turn, you may choose to solve the puzzle or make 3 guesses. However, if you choose to solve the puzzle and are wrong, then your turn is over, you must smoke as penance and the next player can guess the puzzle based on your attempts. If you choose to guess a letter, you can guess 3 times, but only if you are correct each time. As soon as you guess a wrong letter, your turn is over.

Be sure to follow the on-screen commands that make Stoned Hangman a true Marijuana Game!

***If you are using a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, you may not be able to see the game above.  To play, you will need to download a version of Flash player that will work for your device.  Go to your favorite app store and type “flash player” in the search bar, then download the appropriate app for your device.***