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Promote your 420 products with Contest / Giveaways with ConnectIn420 .

ConnectIn420 is a community where businesses and consumers can search and discover cannabis products, become educated on all things cannabis, review cannabis businesses and connect with other like-minded users. Businesses partner with us to offer their products via our contest and giveaways.

How it works:

We are looking for partners to kick off a few campaigns and looking to have social media and web contest for free 420 Products such as:

420 Clothing



and other cannabis products.

Of course all products and sites will get free advertising for six months, social mentions on:

@420CannaLink 22.7k followers

@KentuckyWeedRad – 12.1k followers

and a few others to come.

We followup with all contest winners for reviews of your products and post them socially and onto our current and upcoming sites.

That’s NEW customers, contacts and followers for YOU!


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Who we are: ( Formerly CannaLink ) .

Creating NEW 420 sites like video, product review sites and more.

Marijuana Web Designs



15 more this year.

Our successful contest / giveaway partners have been:


420 goodybox



and many others, ready to be next?

Fill out the form below for more details to get your 420 campaign , advertising and product reviews started with us.

  • Please note: All products for contest / giveaways MUST be shipped to us directly prior to any promotions.

We have had many successful campaigns and our reputation and our members are important to us. We ship immediately once the winner has been chosen and use UPS discreet delivery To avoid any issues this is Non-negotiable.