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Crop Defender

Adobe Flash Player MUST be turned on to Play:


RULES for the Crop Defender Online Marijuana Game:
First and MOST IMPORTANT, place your cursor somewhere in the game field and leave it there. Or, click somewhere on the game field to use the controls. The game requires this “active cursor” in order to move your character around.

Use Directional Arrows to Move

Press Shift to Pick up a Weapon or Tool

Press Spacebar to Use a Weapon or Tool

In this weed game you’re tasked with defending a plot of mature female marijuana plants deep in a forest somewhere in the Northeast United States.  You must defend your crop, but you can’t go crashing through the plants like an ape and shoot everything in your path.  Instead, you must strategically eliminate the plant’s enemies:

  1. Fungal Infections
  2. Insect Infestations
  3. Dehydration
  4. Deer Attacks
  5. Robbery/Thieves
  6. Police! 

*You must water your plants regularly.  Each season when you take over the crop, the plants are already slightly dehydrated.  If they turn brown, you only have a limited time to water them before they die.  Use the purple watering can to take care of this.  Plants that are brown are about to die.  Plants that are green with slightly blackish/brownish mottling are dehydrated.  Only bright green plants are considered healthy.

*Nasty fungal infections can cripple your marijuana plants – spray these with the green chemical canister, which contains a powerful mixture of fungicide and insecticide.

*Insects will make short work of your beloved cannabis if you let them.  Use the chemical canister to spray these pests into oblivion.

*Deer love to eat your plants!  They can devour an entire plant in just a few seconds, so you’ve got to kill them quickly.  However, it’s not hunting season and you are trying to avoid detection, so you are only permitted to kill the deer using the stealthy crossbow.

*Thieves will walk right onto your plot of land and start harvesting mature buds from your plants!  In fact, they’ll take ALL of the buds from a plant and then kill it if you don’t do away with them fast.  Because thieves are so scummy, you can feel free to use the shotgun to kill them.

*Fat, lazy cops will come in and chop your plants down if you let them.  But you can’t kill cops unless you want to go to jail forever, so you must be more strategic about it.  Pick up that bong that’s in your storage shed and blow two hits of your premium nugs right at the cops.  They’ll be too stoned to continue wrecking your plants and will go away.

At the end of each season you’ll be paid $200 for the healthy plants that survive, but only $50 for plants that are brown and dehydrated.  Better get to work!

Crop Defender is an online weed game based on flash.  If you cannot see the game because you are using a mobile or tablet device, you will need to download the appropriate app for your machine in order to see and use the flash game.  Just go to your app store and type “flash player” in the search bar and download what you need.