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Armed robbers wearing masks hit multiple marijuana businesses in Denver metro area

Denver police investigators believe the same armed and masked robbers have struck at multiple marijuana businesses in the metro area since early November. The robbers have brandished multiple weapons in five robberies, the first on Nov. 4 and the most recent on Dec. 11, according to police. All the robberies have happened at night and all four robbers have worn hooded jackets. Police believe a silver 2009 Chevrolet Equinox SUV has been used in the robberies. #Denver, can you help investigators solve these robbery cases? If you have any info, you could earn a cash reward! Just call @CrimeStoppersCO at 720-913-7867. Read the rest of this story on

Colorado’s average price of wholesale marijuana hits 3-year high after record spike

The wholesale price of cannabis continues to spike in a major way in Colorado and will hit a three-year high in January, state officials say. The median price of a pound of marijuana buds sold or transferred to a retail store from a growing facility was $1,316 between Aug. 1 and Nov. 30the Colorado Department of Revenue announced Monday. That figure will serve as the average market rate of wholesale bud for the first three months of 2020, a number the state uses when collecting its 15% excise tax on sales and transfers between grows and stores. It is almost 32% higher than the average market rate being used for the final three months of this year, $999. That’s the largest single-quarter price increase in the history of the state’s recreational marijuana program. It’s also 68.5% higher than...

New committee to review cannabis marketing, branding proposals

Published: Dec 10, 2019, 7:46 pm • Updated: Jan 28, 2020, 7:06 am By Shomik Mukherjee A group of Humboldt County residents will review proposals by firms looking to brand and market the county’s burgeoning cannabis industry to the rest of the world. The county on Monday released a list of the members for the new, temporary committee. It will recommend a firm for a bid to promote the county’s cannabis scene. The committee is the latest development in Project Trellis, a multi-pronged program to reinvest cannabis tax revenue into the heavily regulated legal pot market. Read the rest of this story on

Royal Resin recalling marijuana sold in Denver area because of elevated yeast and mold counts

A Denver marijuana business, Royal Resin, is voluntarily recalling retail marijuana, including pre-rolled joints and blunts because of potentially unsafe elevated yeast and mold counts. The problem was found during a Denver Department of Public Health & Environment investigation, according to a news release. Samples of dried marijuana, including flower, shake and trim were also found with elevated and potentially unsafe levels of yeast and mold. The marijuana was sold before Monday at several metro area stores including: Diego Pellicer, Starbuds, Treatments Unlimited, Mile High, Green Fields and the Herbal Center. Strains and products include: Tropical Zkittles, Lemon Cookies, Lemon Granada, NYCD, GG#4, Hulk Pops, Dr. Strange, Alaskan Ice, Witches Weed, Purple Pipeline, Tangerine Powe...

Eureka, Arcata cannabis dispensaries reflect on ‘up-and-down’ year

Humboldt County’s cannabis industry has made it through another year of legality, a feat for a marketplace swarmed by regulatory costs and state bureaucracy since its inception. For a handful of pot dispensaries in Eureka and Arcata, the trek has been worth it. Several of the city’s marijuana shops said the past year has brought good returns. They cited strong relations with local growers and said most businesses are on good terms. The dispensaries did echo concerns with the state’s fledgling track-and-trace program, which became fully implemented this past summer. The stores also said the ever-increasing supply of dispensaries has been a problem. Read the rest of this story on

Aurora couple convicted in massive black market cannabis grow

Published: Dec 6, 2019, 7:11 pm • Updated: Dec 6, 2019, 7:12 pm By Kieran Nicholson An Aurora couple has been found guilty, by a federal jury in Denver, of marijuana cultivation in a massive black market cannabis grow. Huanyu Yan, 54, and wife, You Lan Xiang, 50, were found guilty after a four-day trial before U.S. District Court Judge Raymond P. Moore, according to a U.S. Attorney, District of Colorado, news release. Both defendants, who were free on bond, were remanded into custody pending sentencing, which is scheduled for Feb. 24, 2020, the release said. Read the rest of this story on

How will Denver’s new minimum wage impact the marijuana industry?

A recent survey of cannabis companies suggests future entry-level employees will see better pay in Denver thanks to a new law that will increase the city’s minimum wage to $15.87 by 2022. Daniel Brenner, Special to the Denver PostBudtender Isaiah Riley assists a customer Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Terrapin Care Station in Aurora. At least one operator is ahead of the curve. Boulder-based Terrapin Care Station this month announced it was establishing a company-wide $15 minimum wage, a figure that will outpace Denver’s incremental increases for the next two years. Read the rest of this story on

Snoop Dogg Signs Deal to Promote Cannabis Growing Machine

By Associated Press (AP) — An Israeli start-up that promotes home-grown marijuana says it has signed on American rapper Snoop Dogg as a brand ambassador. Snoop, an outspoken advocate of marijuana use, will promote Seedo’s small refrigerator-like machine that grows plants with the help of artificial intelligence. The self-contained “grow box” regulates temperature, light, carbon dioxide and minerals and is monitored by an application. The company says its box can grow a variety of plants and herbs, though much of its advertising has focused on the marijuana market. In a statement released by Seedo on Tuesday, Snoop said that promoting a product that enables people to grow plants in unused urban spaces “is something I’m all the way down with.” Snoop started his own line of marijuana products...

National Support for Marijuana Legalization Is at 66%

For the last year, support for legalizing marijuana in the U.S. has remained at 66%. That stability comes from a 30% increase between 2005 and 2018. Factors like gender, income, region, residency type or education don’t seem to make any kind of meaningful difference in support for marijuana legalization, Gallup said. Where things do start to vary is age, generation, race, religion and politics. “Americans have rapidly shifted to backing legal marijuana in the past decade after consistently expressing opposition for 40 years,” Gallup’s site says. “It appears the increases in support have halted for the time being, with no change in the percentage favoring legalization over the past year. However, given generational differences in support for legalizing marijuana use, it is likely the percen...

4 States’ Governors Have Teamed Up on Marijuana Legalization and Vaping

Governors from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have teamed up in support of marijuana legalization as well as new vaping regulations. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hosted the Governor’s Regional Cannabis & Vaping Summit. Governors Phil Murphy, Tim Wolf and Ted Lamont were all in attendance. The governors are attempting to work together on a seamless marijuana legalization plan for states in New England and the Northeast, Democrat & Chronicle reported. State representatives from Colorado, Rhode Island and Massachusetts also attended the one-day summit. Gov. Cuomo said, “The goal is to collaborate with one another, to share resources and thinking collectively as we’re all trying to figure this out. To the extent regional coordination makes sense and it is politica...

Michael J. Fox’s Foundation Supports Rescheduling Cannabis

Actor Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF), is supporting the rescheduling of cannabis to lift the barriers for medical professionals to research the health benefits of cannabis. “The MJFF supports increased access to cannabis for medical research,” says the MJFF website. “Congress has begun to recognize this need, and there are several bills in the U.S. House and Senate designed to remove barriers that impede safe and legal access to cannabis by medical researchers. The MJFF public policy team is tracking these bills and working to educate members of Congress and their staff on their importance to the Parkinson’s community.” The MJFF believes that more research into marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) could lead to trea...

Legalizing Marijuana Has “Minimal to No Effect” on Crime Ratet

According to new data from the journal Justice Quarterly, the legalization of adult-use marijuana possession and sales is not linked with any significant or long-term increase in criminal activity. Researchers affiliated with Washington State University assessed monthly average crime rates in Colorado and Washington in the wake of cannabis legalization compared to other states, NORML noted. In particular, they examined data for violent crimes, property crimes, auto thefts, and robberies. “[M]arijuana legalization and sales have had minimal to no effect on major crimes in Colorado or Washington,” the study noted. “We observed no statistically significant long-term effects of recreational cannabis laws or the initiation of retail sales on violent or property crime rates in these states. … Th...